DraftLogic Electrical- Amazing Design Software!

DraftLogic Electrical , so far, the best software for Electrical Design . This software runs on top of AutoCAD and enables the designer to have powers he never had before with AutoCAD or Revit MEP. It makes commercial, institutional, and multiunit residential  design go much faster!!!!
Some of the advantages that this software offers are (i.e. advantages not possible with AutoCAD or Revit MEP);
  • Auto‐calculation of panel and motor protection and feeders.
  • Fully automatic circuiting of lights, receptacles, and motors.
  • Completely automatic branch circuit wiring layouts to lighting, power and motors with multi-circuit home runs.
  • Automatic Bill of Materials report generation including: conduit and wire lengths and sizes, device counts, details and summaries of protection installed on panels.
  • Auto‐light fixture placement based on user determined specifications for each room type.
  • Auto‐placement of receptacles based on user determined specifications for each room type and much more.
– Refer the table below for a comparison among DraftLogic Electrical, AutoCAD, AutoCAD MEP and Revit MEP.


No one can automatically do the above either in Revit MEP or AutoCAD MEP- this software will save thousands of working hours. But I wonder why a lot of people aren’t using it or speaking about it? It is a little bit expensive but it has a lot of advantages to offer.
For pricing info refer the following link:  http://www.draftlogic.com/cms_pages.php?id=107