Java Basics Part Two -16 Problems with Solutions

Problem-1 Given a string and a non-negative int n, return a larger string that is n copies of the original string. Example: stringTimes(“Hi”, 2) → “HiHi” stringTimes(“Hi”, 3) → “HiHiHi” stringTimes(“Hi”, 1) → “Hi” Solution public String stringTimes(String str, int n) { String y=””; // empty string to store the result for (int i=0;i<n; i++){ … [Read more…]

Java Basics Part One- 28 Problems with Solutions

 Problem -1 The parameter weekday is true if it is a weekday, and the parameter vacation is true if we are on vacation. We sleep in if it is not a weekday or we’re on vacation. Return true if we sleep in. Example: sleepIn(false, false) → true sleepIn(true, false) → false sleepIn(false, true) → true … [Read more…]

DraftLogic Electrical- Amazing Design Software!

DraftLogic Electrical , so far, the best software for Electrical Design . This software runs on top of AutoCAD and enables the designer to have powers he never had before with AutoCAD or Revit MEP. It makes commercial, institutional, and multiunit residential  design go much faster!!!! Some of the advantages that this software offers are (i.e. … [Read more…]